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Café Furniture: 3 Things Café Owners Should Prioritise

The Australian Café scene is booming at the moment, with new establishments popping up from Sydney to Perth and everywhere in-between.  Café Owners have an array of Café-Furniture to choose from when kitting out their site and of course, much comes down to personal taste and style.  That said, there are three fundamentals which are always going to influence the buying decision:


Buyers in the hospitality industry will always be looking for great build-quality when buying chairs and tables.  They want their investment to stand the test of time; cheap isn’t cheap if it needs replacing after six months.  This is particularly true of furniture being deployed in a high traffic environment as this kind of purchase is likely to be.


It’s important that commercial seating is comfortable enough to allow people to spend long periods of time sat in it with no issues.  People may have certain style quirks they’re looking for but they won’t be willing to take these at the expense of comfort.  You need to bear this in mind when deciding which items of Café Furniture to supply; a customer who can’t sit in comfort is not going to stick around long to buy.


Café’s tend to be small businesses and as such, cost will always be a factor.  Business owners will likely be willing to look at the total cost of ownership, not just upfront cost.  If an item costs a little more initially but will last many years and requires no expensive cleaning, it could still be a viable option.  Across your range you should have items within several price ranges for sale.

So there you have three important characteristics for any Café-Furniture buyer.  Quality, comfort and affordability will never go out of style.  Ensure you keep these points in mind when picking and choosing from your wholesale partner.