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Function Tables: Why Folding Tables Are Great For Events

One of the great things about the hospitality industry is that you are likely to be involved in all manner of events and engagements.  Each of these will have slightly unique requirements and challenge you to propose the best solution to meet the customer’s needs.  Of course, you need to be confident that your function-tables and chairs are up to the job.  Folding tables are a great way to provide the flexibility required by any job.  Here are a few ways that folding tables can make sure you’re geared up to win that big client:

Ease of Movement

Tables can be pretty big, cumbersome objects which aren’t necessarily suited to the constant portability required by the hospitality industry.  Folding tables can be put up or down in seconds and easily stack on top of each other when you need to move around or store.  This is one reason why they make great function-tables.

Flexible Layouts

Folding tables are available in all different shapes and sizes and having a variety can provide you a great degree of layout flexibility.  If you have a project which requires an unusual seating arrangement, having a number of different-sized folding tables in the same style can allow you to personalise the plan as required. 

No Loss of Quality

The term folding tables can conjure up images of cheap, plastic camping style tables but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Many folding tables are now specifically designed for corporate events and once erected, look as good as permanent tables.  They are true function-tables designed to impress and would not look out of place in any upmarket restaurant of hotel.

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