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Café Tables: Standard Tables or Communal Tables?

When decking out your café, you’re obviously going to need both tables and chairs.  The choice can be overwhelming and the type of café-tables you decide to go for is going to be influenced by the specific layout you are trying to create.  Communal tables are increasing in popularity and can be a great option.  Here we look at the benefits of both standard tables and communal tables:

Standard Tables

Small to medium-sized tables with either two or four chairs each have served café and restaurant owners well for many years.  They’re still a great option and form the backbone of many cafés.  Available in a variety of different options and materials, you can get table tops and table bases to suit any décor.  These standard café-tables allow small groups to sit together and are flexible enough that you can amend the layout as required.  There are many other table options which are really popular at the moment but don’t overlook these standard tables.  When something has been popular for as long as they have, it’s normally with good reason.

Communal Tables

Increasing in popularity, communal table setups often involve a long table with benches either side.  These tables promote a modern and open feel, encouraging strangers to talk to each other and interact.  From a practical perspective, communal tables enable cafés to seat more customers at one time so can be great for business.  Typically, where communal tables are deployed you will see a mix of standard tables also; this ensures that people who are not so keen on dining with strangers are also catered for.

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