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Café Chairs: How to Choose the Perfect Chair

The success of your café will depend upon a combination of the atmosphere you create and the service you provide.  You should keep both of these points in mind when choosing your restaurant furniture.  Choosing the right layout of tables and café-chairs can enable you to seat your customers in comfort and easily manoeuvre around to provide great service.  When looking at cafe chairs it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice on offer; here are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure you choose the perfect chair for your café.

What’s Your Theme?

You probably have a particular style for your café and a decorating theme that runs throughout; your chairs should tie into this theme.  For example, if you have gone for a very minimalist approach with lots of glass and few features, then a rustic wooden chair is likely to look out of place.  Start with ensuring you are clear on your café theme and then make your seating arrangements match that theme.

Know Your Customer

Your choice of café-chairs should also depend on what type of environment you are trying to create and who you are targeting.  For example, if your café is located on a busy road and your aim is attract passing motorists for a quick stop then a simple, metal-frame chair may well do the trick.  However, if you’re located on a business park and looking to play host to informal business meetings then you will need something a lot more comfortable and may want to investigate options with padded backs.

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